Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning, Stanley Cup Final - Game 3 - feature

Well that escalated quickly… 2-1 Tampa

There is no other way to say it, that sucked! A frustrating game for Stars fans.

Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning, Stanley Cup Final - Game 3
Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning, Stanley Cup Final – Game 3

It felt like the Stars did very little wrong in the first period of game 3, they opportunities that should have given them the lead but couldn’t convert, then 2 mistakes by Stars top D-men, first Miro looses the puck and it’s 1-0 Tampa Bay, then a missed hit by Lindell sees the Stars down by 2.

A good response by the Stars saw them dominate almost the entirety of the remainder of the period, a short handed goal by Dickinson game the Stars more to be positive about, but a late penalty saw the Lightning up a man to start the 2nd and a failed opportunity to clear the puck started of a disappointing period that took the Stars out the game, the period ended 5-1.

It might not have been such a bad result however, the Stars did get their chances, again on the power play but they couldn’t pull it back. 

So why did I say it was frustrating to watch? Well, it just seemed like the Stars gave up, they had a few great scoring chances, most while on the power play that could have had them tie the game back up, but it just didn’t look like they wanted it, either that or credit to Tampa Bay for just being 1 step quicker in every way, probably it was a bit of both.

For me, there is only one way to look at the result, it sucked, but we fell behind in the series against Calgary and honestly I felt like that series could have gone either way, games 1 & 2 of this series I felt could have easily both gone to the Stars, and even this game if the Stars had bounced back to me felt like a better game than most of the Calgary and Colorado series!

So, a great chance for the Stars to win games 4 & 5 in quick succession and by the end of the weekend be sitting back on top in the series with Tampa facing elimination! 

That would certainly be the ideal, and the Stars need some all-star performances from their top players, it goes without saying that Seguin needs to find the back of the net, he is getting chances, chances that usually would see him with multiple goal nights, so that is a good sign, we also have many other top forwards who have the skill and potential to break out and be a game or series hero, but who will it be?? I don’t care, let’s just win the next 3!

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Game Stats:
Score: 2-5 TBL
Shots: 24-32 TBL
Faceoff: 55% DAL 
Power Play: 0/4 DAL
Penalty Kill: 3/4 DAL
Hits: 59-54 DAL
Blocks: 9-12 TBL
Giveaways: 21-14 TBL
Takeaways: 4-3 DAL

Video Highlights:

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