Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights, Game 2 - feature

Vegas fights back, Stars have no answer

The Vegas Golden Knights stole the show in game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Blanking the Stars 3-0.

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights, Game 2
Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights, Game 2

With the Stars shutting out Vegas in game 1, both teams are showing how good they can be in net and defensively in a now tied 1-1 series. 

The good news for the Stars… they didn’t play well, things started of just fine, but once Vegas scored the Stars just couldn’t seem to get a good bounce. The second period in particular looked so frustrating for the Stars, the puck seemed glued to the Golden Knights and every loose puck  found its way back to them. Credit to Vegas, they played well, and capitalized on their chances. They had a few breakdowns leading to several odd man rushes in Dallas’ favor, however the Stars couldn’t turn any of them into goals in what was, for the most part a very close (going by the score) game.

So why is that good news? Well, the Stars just need to go back to controlling the play like they did in game 1, and IF they fall behind they need the same responses that kept bringing them back in the first and second rounds. 

I call this a one-off, a bad day at the office. Game 3 stars a new best of 5 series, if the Stars play like they did in game 1 they will get the win.


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