Jason Robertson - featured

Training Camp over, Preseason Stars tomorrow, Robertson not signed

Well that wraps up training camp, the first preseason game is tomorrow against the St Lous Blues and we are still waiting to hear that Jason Robertson has been signed…


Things are looking for the Stars, the core of last years squad is still together and enjoying a new coaching style. Both the players and coaching staff feel that things went well at training camp and they are both getting familiarized with each other. The scrimmage at the end of camp was a success and with preseason up next we can get a better idea of how the Stars will look under new coach DeBoer.

The biggest question on everyones mind is still ROBERTSON!?! Jim Nill has not let on that he has any concerns over the fact that he is not signed up yet, however, it feels like it is taking much longer than it should, or maybe just longer than we would have all liked. The chances of Jason signing with any other team is very, very unlikely as he is an RFA the deal would just not be possible for most teams in terms of what they would have to give up (future draft picks). However, there is a chance that Robertson does not sign with Dallas this year, and that he is left missing the season while he is in his prime… This again seems unlikely, but could happen. The good news is that the most likely scenario is that he signs at some point before the start of the regular season.

So, let us know in the comments below, how are we feeling?

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Jason Robertson - featured

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