Dallas Stars vs Vancouver Canucks 18.4.22-feature

Tough times in Vancouver, Stars fall.

Stars fail to take advantage in their game in hand over Nashville, moving back to the 2nd wild card spot.

Vancouver sweep the season series with the Stars for the first time in 11 years, this game being a real tough loss. The Stars have two tough games coming up, back-to-backs in Edmonton & Calgary, so points against Vancouver should have been a little easier to come by, but nothing is easy in this league, and things did not come together for the Stars.

The good news, Vegas also lost in regulation, so Dallas remain 2 wins ahead, with a game in hand and the remaining games now just 6 for the Stars and 5 for the Knights. However with Vancouver’s win over the Stars they are just 1 point behind Vegas with a game in hand, so it could be Vancouver the Stars need to look out for, for the final wild card spot. Looks like it could all come down to the wire unless the Stars find a way to win and control their own fate. The exciting part is that Dallas, Nashville, Vegas & Vancouver all play on the final night of the season, but lets make sure we will be clear and a playoff spot secured by then!

Let’s win the next one #GOSTARS

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