The Final is set! Stars vs Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning managed to push their way past the New York Islanders in overtime last night in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning - Stanley Cup Final set
Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning – Stanley Cup Final set

With another OT win that means they will face the Dallas Stars in the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals. The Stars beat the Lightning both times in the regular season this year, both wins came in OT, so expect this to be a close scoring series!

Dallas has proven it can beat any team at its own game during the playoffs, we have had high scoring affairs, coming back from being 3 goals down and then the close 1-0 and 2-1 defense first games. Tampa have been pretty similar, they have had wild high scoring & one sided games, and then plenty of close 1 goal games including 3 of the Conference final games being 2-1 games, the last 2 being decided in OT, one win for the Islanders and the last to the Lightning.

So it is all set to be a great final. To win the cup you will never have to face an easy opponent, nor have an easy path to it, but the Stars have fought of the favorites in the West, now they just have to show the East just how good they are!

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