The Dallas Stars sign Joe Pavelski!

Hello again everyone, yes it has been a while, since our last post, we apologize for that! But we are back and ready for next season #isitoctoberyet 

We have a lot to catch you up on, I am sure you will have already heard but how about a chance to get another view and let us know your thoughts now you have had some time to let everything sink in?

So where do we start…

Welcome Joe Pavelski
Welcome Joe Pavelski

Joe Pavelski – The biggest news in my book for the off season so far. Yes Capitain America is coming to the Lone Star State. Pavelski brings a huge amount of leadership with him, 13 years of NHL experience all with the Sharks. Pavelski is a known goal scorer and a difference maker every game, looking back now it doesn’t feel so bad not signing Zuc…

Where Pavelski will sit in the Stars lineup is unclear just yet, a few suggestions have been posted even by the Dallas Stars themselves but mostly judged by the likes of Mike Heika and Co. We know how Monte likes to move the lines around game-to-game and even within games, so I am pretty sure we will see him play with all the top-6 forwards and a few others two, but likely to be a damn good 2nd liner. 

That 2nd line spot he is likely to take reminds me of a certain Jason Spezza when he came to Dallas and lit things up, sadly Jason will not be in a Stars uniform next year, after a great start to the season just gone he just failed to produce as the Stars and us fans would have liked, I believe Pavelski over Zuc or Spezza is a great deal.

What are your thoughts on Pavelski coming to Dallas? Let us know in the comments below I am sure they will all be far more positive than our next post welcoming Corey Perry… Make sure you like and follow to stay up to date, lots more news to come as we catch up on the off season so far. 


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