Thank you Jason Spezza

This off season has been one of excitement and anticipation, seeing the likes of Pavelski and Perry sign with the Stars and wondering what they can do, hearing the Stars being talked of highly by the NHL Network just makes me want October to come round even faster. 

Jason Spezza
Jason Spezza

However, although I think the move was a good one and the timing was right, I will be sad to see Spezza go. I wrote a post about Jason at the beginning of last season saying I thought he would have a bounce back year, and he had so many great games this year, especially to start the season, however, it still wasn’t the season we wanted and that is why I say it is the right time for him to move on. 

But a huge thank you to Spezza, very few other players in the league play the came like Spezza or are as fun to watch, his control his vision his silky smooth toe drags, I have really enjoyed watching Spezza set up others including Miro’s first ever NHL goal and Jason putting them in the net himself. 

Best of luck to Jason in Toronto. 


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