Thank you fans

Well Stars fans, what a season. As always with Dallas the end was exciting, a double OT game 7!

Thank you Dallas Stars

It was not the game or result we hoped for but looking back at this season and these playoffs we really made a stand and proved a lot of ‘experts’ wrong. Next year is going to be fun that is for sure. We have a great team with great goaltending some extremely talented young rookies and a coach that finally seems to be the right fit for this team.

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you to the Dallas Stars team and organisation for such a great season. Thank you to the fans for supporting the Stars and the Dallas Stars Fan Site.

We will not be going anywhere, we will keep you up to date with Dallas Stars news as it happens through out the summer so stay tuned!

And is it too soon to say… Is it October yet??

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