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The Dallas Stars sign Joe Pavelski!

The Dallas Stars sign Joe Pavelski!

Hello again everyone, yes it has been a while, since our last post, we apologize for that! But we are back and ready for next season #isitoctoberyet

We have a lot to catch you up on, I am sure you will have already heard but how about a chance to get another view and let us know your thoughts now you have had some time to let everything sink in?

Stars win 4th straight taking down the Sharks

Stars win 4th straight taking down the Sharks

The Dallas Stars got of to a slow start in tonights game against the San Jose Sharks, and came out of the first period 1-0 down and being out shot and out played, they were given no time on the puck and it was looking like a tough night for the Stars.

The Stars however came out for the second period with a spring in their step and Janmark got the Stars back to even as the Stars out played and out worked the Sharks in the second.

Dallas continued to control during the first as Heiskanen gives the Stars gives the Stars their first lead of the night followed up quickly by Ritchie as the Stars have a 3-1 lead. The Sharks not happy with throwing their lead away answer just 30 seconds later and continue to push for the final minutes of the 3rd, they come close but Bishop and the Stars hold on to get their 4th straight win.

Game Stats

Score: 3-2 DAL
Shots: 30-43 SJS
Faceoff: 52% SJS
Power Play: 0/2 DAL
Penalty Kill: 2/2 DAL
Hits: 17-14 DAL

GAME DAY | Hanzal to return for Stars

GAME DAY | Hanzal to return for Stars

The Stars may have not played since December 3rd, but it has been a busy week for them! Gemel Smith has been claimed off waivers by the Boston Bruins, Roope Hintz has been re-assigned to the Texas Stars and Martin Hanzal will make his season Debut tonight at home against the San Jose Sharks.

This is the second meeting of the season for the Stars and Sharks, and second meeting in Big D, the Stars handled the first game and came away with a 4-3 win, and will look to do the same again with a still beaten up club.

The Stars and Sharks both have 33 points in the west, but the gap in the central is starting to grow to a win for the Stars to keep them in reaching distance of the top 3 is crucial, meanwhile the same 33 points in the Pacific has San Jose one win away from 2nd place.

The Sharks are on a 2 game winning streak that snapped a 4 game losing streak, this is going to be another entertaining one. Sit back and enjoy!

Stars return home and sink the Sharks

Stars return home and sink the Sharks

The Dallas Stars finally returned home after 6 games on the road, the home crowd and the feel of the AAC seemed to be enough for the Stars to find their scoring ability again as they manage to post 4 against the Sharks and improve their home record to 6-2-0.


The Stars called up Denis Gurianov who made his NHL debut, the first round pick from the 2015 draft looked comfortable and was given the chance to play on the wing with Benn & Spezza, not bad for your first NHL game!

Khudobin got the Start and proved to be the reliable back up that he is, making some huge stops including a couple of breakaways one of which in the final minute of the third while the Sharks had the extra attacker and were trying to tie the game. Khudobin playing against the Sharks also gives Ben Bishop plenty of rest before taking on the league topping Nashville Predators on Saturday.

The Game

The Stars took full advantage of being back on home ice and got of to a great start, forcing an early power play and a chance to take an early lead. The Sharks with the help of Jones manage to kill the penalty off, but the Stars didn’t lose momentum and managed to keep the pressure and shots coming.

The Sharks first chance came 6 minutes in and on only their second shot of the game, former Star, Brendan Dillon takes a wrister from the point that finds its way through everyone and rings off the post.

The Stars take back over and Benn and Spezza are looking good tonight as they have a couple of good chances that are denied by Jones.

Almost half-way through the first and the Stars are on another attack, as Nichuskin forces his way into the zone, he gets the puck to Shore who gets the first goal of the game and puts the stars up 1-0.

5 minutes left in the period and the Sharks on the rush get a pass in front of the net and tie the game at 1-1.

2nd Period

The Stars start the second with some more relentless attacks, Hieskanen comes down from the point and almost puts the Stars back ahead.Benn & Spezza continue to find chances together and once again come close.

After all the good chances and setups by the Stars in the end it is a sloppy pass from defense man Dillon that Seguin pounces on and finally ends his own goal scoring drought and puts the Stars up 2-1.

As the Stars seem to like to do of late, they ride of the momentum of the last goal, get straight back on the attack and it’s Gemel Smith who gets the last touch on a beautiful ticktacktoe play that has the Stars up 3-1.

The first half of the second period has been all about the Stars, but Khudobin has had to make some good stops to make it that way, perhaps none more important than just a minute after the Stars 3rd goal he stones Chartier on a clear breakaway.

The Sharks have now been woken up and start to spend more time on the attack and it doesn’t take long before Pavelski manages to tip one in to make it a 1 shot game again.

The Stars manage to hold the Sharks of for the rest of the period and Klingberg manages to find Benn all alone at the Sharks blue line and the Stars captain gets a chance on the breakaway and tries to slip it through the legs of Jones, but Jones makes the stop and sends us to the 3rd.

3rd Period

The Sharks continue to try to get back into the game and force a power play less than 5 minutes into the period, it starts off well for the Stars as Seguin steels a pass from the Sharks defense and also gets a chance on the breakaway, Jones once again comes up with a big stop and keeps the Sharks within a shot.

Khudobin however matches Jones stop for stop and thanks to him the Stars kill of the penalty.

The Sharks continue to pressure the Stars and the shots keep coming, as do the saves from Khudobin, however, it ends up being a fanned on shot that finds its way slowly past everyone and past Khudobin on a very strange play, but the Sharks will take it, they have tied the game at 3-3.

The Stars manage to step it up a gear after the Sharks goal and both clubs go chance for chance entering the last 5 minutes of the game and for the second time tonight, Devin Shore finds himself in the right spot on a deflected shot and wrists one past Jones and restores the Stars lead.

The Stars and Sharks continue to battle and yet another breakaway comes in the game, this time for Janmark and as its been on night, the goalies continue to stop the shooters on 1-on-1’s.

With under 2 minutes left the Sharks pull Jones for the extra attacker, the Stars manage to get the puck in the San Jose end and force a turn over behind the net, Jamie Benn receives the puck and ops to feed Seguin who shoots from a sharp angle and gets the side of the net, the Sharks then spring Thornton on a breakaway and Khudobin makes the biggest stop of the night on the final breakaway and the Stars take the 4-3 victory after a dramatic final few minutes.

A great result for the Stars, however, the bad news from this game is that Klingberg left the game in the 3rd with an upper body injury, it is estimated he will miss 3 weeks.

Game Stats

Score: 4-3 DAL
Shots: 22-26 SJS
Face Off: 51% DAL
Power Play: 0/1 DAL
Penalty Kill: 3/3 DAL
Hits: 23-9 DAL

Next Game: at home vs Nashville Predators (12-3-0) Sat 10th Nov.

Benn gets Hat Trick McKenna shines in Stars Win

Benn gets Hat Trick McKenna shines in Stars Win

Pre Game

The Dallas Stars start the final road trip of the season, a 3 game tour of the West coast to close out the 2017-2018 season starting in San Jose tonight.

1st Period

The Stars top line of Benn, Seguin and Radulov are back together and dominating the first period, several good chances bring Dallas close to taking the lead.

The Sharks counter with a few good chances of their own that ultimately awards them the first power play of the night. Half way through the power play and the Sharks get one past Lehtonen and its 1-0 Sharks.

A few minutes later and Burns keeps the puck in at the blue line gets a shot towards the net that is blocked, but falls to Myer who beats Lehtonen and gives the Sharks a 2-0 lead with 4 minutes left in the first period.

Shortly after the Sharks goal, Lehtonen is run over in front of the net and has to leave the game, Mike McKenna comes in to take over in his first game for the Stars and first NHL game since 2015.

2nd Period

The Stars have a strong start to the second testing Jones several times before the Sharks can counter and test McKenna for the first time, McKenna stands up to the challenge and keeps the Stars in the game.

The Stars struggle to keep possession as the period moves along and for the Sharks get multiple great scoring chances, McKenna keeping all shots out.

The Second period not looking as promising as the first for Dallas, until the last 30 seconds when Klingberg hits Benn with a thread the needle pass and Benn tips it home bringing the Stars back within 1.

3rd Period

The Stars are back out and looking good in the 3rd, they dominate the play for the entire 3rd period but cannot solve Jones until 5 minutes to play and Gemel Smith puts a rebound in and ties the game at 2-2.

Now just 3 minutes left and the captain steels the puck from Hertl and generates his own breakaway where he walks around Jones and gives the Stars their first lead of the night.

With a minute to go the Sharks pull Jones and Jamie Benn picks the puck up deep in the Stars zone and chips it the entire length of the ice to complete the Hat Trick and cement the Stars win.

Game Stats

Score: 4-2 DAL

Shots: 23-31 SJS

PP: 0/1 DAL – 1/1 SJS

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Stars score twice in 3rd, but fall to the Sharks.

Stars score twice in 3rd, but fall to the Sharks.

Full Game Review


Johns and Methott D pair looking good together, Methott will give Johns the faith to step up the ice and push harder on his offense game knowing Methott will be there to cover.
The Dallas Stars since thanksgiving have turned their road game around, they will look keep the wins coming here tonight.

1st Period

Both teams start with their top lines, the Stars trying to break through neutral ice turn the puck over and it takes the Sharks just 30 seconds for Pavelski to get a back hand past Bishop on a broken play.

Now 2 minutes in and both teams are struggling to get their game together as we start with several icings and offsides.

Stephen Johns trips the goal scorer Pavelski along the boards and the Sharks, who are 4th in league on the power play, and have been very, very hot this calendar year, are going on the first man advantage of the night.

The Sharks power play tries to get a lot of shots on net, but they are all going wide, they get their best chance with Donski standing at the side of the net, but he can’t tip it in, the Stars get a good kill and Janmark gets a great when he forces a turnover and gets a 1-on-1 with Jones, but he shoots the puck in to the logo of Jones.

The Sharks on another attack get a shot towards the net the puck ends up on Karlssons stick and he is able to beat Bishop on the rebound. San Jose are up 2-0 just 6 minutes in to the first.

With 11:11 left in the first, John Klingberg picks the puck up behind the Dallas net, sends a pass up the ice and the top line gets a great opportunity followed up by Janmark and Spezza, with 9 minutes to go and the Stars are now looking they are ready to play.

Seguin, Radulov and Rousell have the Sharks in trouble and get some sustained zone time that results in several scoring chances, with just 6 minutes left in the first, the Stars may be down, but they are dominating the play. The shots are 7 to 3 Dallas.

After the TV timeout the Sharks get some time in the Dallas zone and a bouncing pass finds it’s way through everyone to Boedker who tries to send another pass across the net, it deflects off Radulov’s stick and the Sharks are now up by 3.

The game seems to be a frustrating one as the Stars are doing everything right, but can’t seem to beet Jones, and once again like in the Vancouver game as soon as the puck comes down into the Dallas zone it will end up in the net.

Just a few seconds after the goal and Method trips Sorensen and the Sharks are back on the power play, this will be a big kill off for the Stars!

The Stars are killing the penalty well and keep the Sharks to the perimeter and limit the shots on net, however, as the penalty expires the Sharks Boedker gets his 2nd of the night and 11th of the season, the Sharks are now up 4-0.

This prompts a goalie change for Dallas as Ben Bishop has given up 4 on 5 shots.

Entering the final minute, the shots are 9-5 Dallas, Hitchcock has swapped the lines around again, Shore gets a chance, followed up by a feed to Janmark from Spezza, but Jones is looking good and the Period comes to an end.

Period Stats

Score: SJS 4 – 0 DAL

Shots: SJS 6 – 11 DAL

PP: SJS 0/2

FO: 68% SJS

Hits: SJS 4 – 10 DAL

2nd Period

The Stars with a lot of work to do have 40 minutes to claw there way back into this game. They start the period off well with almost 4 minutes of complete possession, however, nothing really comes from the possession time.

The Sharks then get a full minute of zone time and look very dangerous, Braun then deflects a shot, and its 5 nothing Sharks.

This goal is followed up with a further 2 minutes of zone time a strong attacks by the Sharks, Dallas are looking defeated.

Half way through the game and they play has evened out with both teams getting good chances, the shots are now 16 – 13 SJS.

The Stars still trying to fight their way back into this one and Janmark is looking destined to score tonight and is by far looking like the Stars best player.

Couture then gets a pass that sets up a 2-on-1, Couture saucers a pass over to Labanc who slaps a one timer in on Lehtonen who makes a big stop.

Jamie Benn gets the next scoring chance when he walks in on Jones but Jones makes his 16th stop of 16 shots keeping it 5-0 Sharks as we head to another TV timeout.

Things are settling down in the last minute till Jamie Benn gets a chance with just a couple of seconds left on the clock and rings one of the pipe. Let’s hope it sparks something for the 3rd as the Stars now. Have just 20 minutes to get back in to this game.

Period Stats

Score: SJS 5 – 0 DAL

Shots: SJS 14 – 5 DAL

FO: 63% SJS

Blocked Shots: SJS 15 – 7 DAL

Hits: SJS 7 – 17 DAL

3rd Period

The first 5 minutes of the final period is looking good, both teams are short shifting, just doing what they need and getting off the ice. But the Stars need to step it up a notch as they don’t have much time left and are down by 5.

With 14:25 on the clock Ritchie and Smith have a little give and go play and Smith ends up in front of Jones and manages to get one past him to get the Stars on the board at last.

Under 13 minutes left and the Stars are stepping up the tempo of the game, starting with a hit by Johns, and then a cram play in on Jones that ends up with Ellie in the net behind Jones that creates a good spark for the Stars and some displeasure for the Sharks fans.

A few minutes later and its Klingberg that gets a shot on net from the point that Jones stops but creates a big rebound and Pitlick back hands it in, the score now 5-2.

The Stars top line come out and Seguin almost hammers one home, the Stars finally looking like they want to come back into this game, but they still have 3 to get to tie it up.

With 8 minutes left the shots are now 27-25 in favor of San Jose.

The remainder of the game includes the Stars continuing to push, but with time running down on the clock, it is looking less and less likely the Stars will recover. The shots even out at 28 each, and the Stars bring the face off percentage back to 45% – 55% to the Sharks.

Overall the Stars just didn’t turn up early enough in this one and a first period we would like to forget made this one to big gap to come back from.

Game Stats

Score: SJS 5 – 2 DAL

Shots: 28 each

FO: 55% SJS

PP: 0/2 SJS – 0/0 DAL

Next up: Anaheim Ducks (29-20-11) @ The Honda Center

Posts on this site are by independent writer/s whose posts reflect personal opinions and do not represent official statements from the Dallas Stars or the NHL.

Stars are in San Jose to take on the Sharks

Stars are in San Jose to take on the Sharks

Dallas Stars Vs San Jose Sharks – Game Preview

The Dallas Stars are starting a 3 game west coast road trip, the will take on the Sharks in an hour, the Ducks on Wednesday and the LA Kings on Thursday.

The Stars are coming in hot, they are coming of a tough win against Central Division rivals St. Louis and have won 6of their last 7 games.

Bishop will get the Start tonight, Martin Jones is expected to start for the Sharks.

Rousell is questionable and will be a last minute decision if he plays tonight. The Sharks injuries include Tomas Hertl (upper body), he has been practicing and may return tonight. Joel Ward (shoulder) is week to week & Joe Thornton (knee) is on injured reserve.

Both teams are playing good hockey and are in the playoff race, so expect another big game.

It is just the 2nd meeting between the two teams this season, the Stars winning the first 6-0 on New Years Eve. The Stars have been good against the Sharks in recent seasons going 6-1-1 in the last 8 games, but the Stars will need to continue to be a good defense squad tonight as the Sharks have recently found some scoring power as they have scored 4 or more in 5 of their last 8 games.

We are all set! Go Stars!