Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights, Game 5 - feature

STARS WIN and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals!

The Dallas Stars are heading to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2000! 

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights, Game 5
Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights, Game 5

Dallas scores 3 unanswered goals after falling 2-0 in game 5 of the Western Conference Finals to eliminate the Vegas Golden Knights and move on to the Stanley Cup Finals where they will face either the Tampa Bay Lightning or the New York Islanders.

Vegas came out with a game plan, it was a heavy hitting defense first type of plan and for the most part it was working for them, neither team gave up too many strong scoring chances, but Vegas got the first goal on a breakaway in the first, then another on a rush down the ice, but the Stars stayed with them and after falling by 2 started to pile on the pressure and eventually Benn got the Stars on the board before Kiviranta scored on the Power Play tieing the game and sending it to OT. 

The Stars entered overtime with a 4-0 record this postseason, so in a way it was no surprise when Klingberg set Gurianov up for a one-timer on another Power Play that secured the Stars place in the Stanley Cup Finals!

Game Stats

Score: 3-2 O/T DAL
Shots: 26-36 VGK
Faceoff: 53% DAL
Power Play: 2/4 DAL
Penalty Kill: 3/3 DAL
Hits: 34-47 VGK
Blocks: 22-22
Giveaways: 19-17 VGK
Takeaways: 4-7 VGK


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