Stars fall to Flames in Game 1

Well that didn’t go as we wanted, but I wouldn’t say it was far off. 

Dallas Stars vs Calgary Flames, Game 1
Dallas Stars vs Calgary Flames, Game 1

The Stars have dropped the first game that really mattered since the return, once again offense was an issue, however, they did manage to tally 2 goals once again in the middle frame and in very quick succession. In fact, franchise playoff record setting! The two Stars goals came just 9 seconds apart to tie the game and completely shift the momentum and feeling of the game, however, the Flames took the lead again and unfortunately the Stars did not have an answer and have dug themselves into a little whole by going down 1-0 in the best of 7 series. 

But like I said, although it was frustrating to watch, especially the second half of the game when Calgary decided they would just sit back and defend and the Stars just didn’t seem to look overly dangerous. But you can give credit to the Flames for playing a defense first game. But the Stars needed more fight, the final 4 or so minutes should have been chance after chance for the Stars, but we struggled to put any real threat together and took way to long to be able to pull Dobby, and that just shouldn’t happen with the talent we have. 

It is however, only the first game, the Stars have not done too well living up to their expectations over the last few years, now it would seem almost all the experts at the NHL have written off the Stars so maybe now we can just focus on our game, get it together and prove them all wrong!

We can take down the Flames, starting with a game 2 win!

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