Tyler Seguin Signs

Seguin Signing

What do we think?

It would appear that the most common comment/demand amongst Stars fans at the moment is ‘Nill – Sign Seguin!! I can’t blame anyone for wanting this, Tyler has been fantastic since becoming a Star and last season was by far his best all round year. I think it will be very interesting to see Seguin under the new coaching staff and I really expect him to have, from a stats point of view, a record-breaking season. So why would Nill have decided not to sign Seguin…?

Why Nill?

There are many Stars fans who are saying if Nill doesn’t sign Seguin now that Nill must go, personally I think this is a little too much, Nill has built the team that the Stars are now, they may not have had the success over the last few years that they wanted, but compare them to a Dallas Stars team from before the days of Seguin, Spezza, Radulov etc… and this Stars team can go all the way.

Nill I believe has done a good job and will continue to do so, I do however wish he would sign Seguin as I would love to see him in a Stars jerseys for years to come. However, I want to look at some possible benefits to holding off on giving Seguin his biggest paycheck…

Put yourself in Seguin’s skates…

If I was Tyler Seguin, and I received a huge deal for the next lets say 7 years in Dallas I would go into this coming season relaxed knowing my career is comfortable and that I have proved myself. Now this may allow Seguin to thrive and not have any stress and I may have that fantastic season that I am expecting under Montgomery, however, if I havn’t signed anything and know that I could be looking for a new job come the end of the season would that make me even more determined not only to prove myself yet again to Dallas but also to the rest of the league resulting in an even better season?

We will never know the answer to the above as it will go one way or the other, but I would say that Seguin knows he will get a good deal with someone at the end of the year, he has said it is disappointing that Nill has not spoke to him since the draft, and that he wants to remain in Dallas. I think we all know that if he wants to stay in Dallas he can so I don’t mind going into the season without a deal being made. Tyler Seguin is a super star, he will have a great year regardless and will be as always exciting to watch.


Seguin will stay, a deal will be made at some point and Seguin will have a fantastic year regardless of when that deal is made… Nill can continue to bring players like Seguin, Spezza, Johns to the Dallas Stars.

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