Round 1 – Dallas Stars vs Nashville Predators

Dallas Stars vs Nashville Predators, Round one tickets
Dallas Stars vs Nashville Predators, Round one

The season is over and the playoffs are here! After everything coming down to the wire in the central division, things couldn’t have worked out better for the Stars, a win kept them in the first wild card slot and to face a central division opponent. As the rest of the results came in it ended up being the Nashville Predators who came in first place and will take on the Dallas Stars. 

What better way to build that rivalry up before the 2020 winter classic! However, right now the focus is on the playoffs, Dallas has done well this year against the Predators and will look to keep that theme going, picking up a couple of wins to bring back to Dallas would be a very nice way to start our playoff run. 

The Dallas Stars need you! 

What can you do? Be there, be green & be loud! The Dallas Stars fan site can help with the first two so you just need to be loud! Play off tickets will be available here at the best prices throughout the entire playoffs for both home and away games. You can also pick up the best deals on Dallas Stars gear, all links are below, enjoy!

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