Looks like we need to win in 7…

The Dallas Stars had another chance to advance but saw it disappear in game 6, what was a 3-1 series lead is now a tied series. 

Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche - Game 6
Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche – Game 6

The Colorado Avalanche are a good side, they have a lot of offensive power and talent and nobody expected the Stars to sweep or eliminate them in 5 games, but the Stars came so close, and that shows just how good the Stars are. Now, the Stars and Avs will fight it out one more time in game 7. 

This is as far as both teams got last year, so one team will repeat, the other will move on, it will be interesting that is for sure!

Watching the Stars this year has been particularly up and down, and these playoffs have been no different. The Stars played well in game 6, but suddenly the offense once again stopped: Hintz, Guaranov, Benn, Seguin, Pavelski, Klingberg & Faksa all had really good chances to put the Stars up but didn’t finish. A good sign for game 7! Keep playing defensively & convert on those opportunities and the Stars will move on to the conference finals. 

Colorado have the momentum coming off 2 wins, but the Stars now have the hunger and the need to respond just like the Avalanche did after going down 3-1 in the series. 


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