John Klingberg to return

Klingberg set to return

Injury Update

The Dallas Stars have been hit with injuries to start this season, However, they are starting to get closer to a full strength team again. 

The biggest loss recently to the Stars in All-Star John Klingberg who has missed the last 5 1/2 weeks with a broken hand, however, John skated with the Stars last practice and felt and looked good. He picked up a few goals and looked great breaking out, Head Coach Montgomery said it was great to see and it put smiles on many faces! 

The chances of John returning to face Chicago could end up being a game day decision, but the chances for the trip to Minnesota are looking almost certain! 

The Stars are also looking to get Carrick back in the new year and Methott is not far off either. Stephen Johns continues to improve but there is yet a timescale on his return. 

Where do we stand?

So with the Stars looking like they might start to get back into shape, what does this mean??

Well, the Stars have actually managed to survive defensively despite having so many major parts of the blue line missing. However, this will have had an impact on the forwards who naturally will have been playing with a more defensive mindset, perhaps too much and that could be the reason for the Stars lack of offensive production of late. 

So with the likes of Klingberg stepping back in, the defense will tighten up a little and he will also give a boost in offense too, then with more stay at home defenders returning, maybe the forwards will feel more comfortable to take more chances and the Stars will finally see their shots on goal and goals per game start to increase. 

I believe this is possible and could put the Stars on a fantastic fun in the new year just when we will need it! A good run and a bunch of points could get us back in to a play off spot at the perfect time!

Home Heavy

The Stars will finally return home for the majority of their games over the next few months. 

Out of the next 18 games, the Stars will play 13 at home, after a pointless 4 game road trip this is the perfect time for the Stars to keep their fantastic 10-3-1 record at home going, and this will also give them a chance to climb back into the standings. 

So with the Stars spending a lot of time at home, that is a great chance for us to cheer them on! So get your tickets to as many Stars games as you can!! Tickets are available for road games to, but Let’s make sure the AAC is filled up in victory green. 

Get your tickets here!!

The future is bright Stars fans!! 

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