Just 2 more weeks!

OK it may only be the preseason but we are now less than 2 weeks away from the Stars taking on the Stanley Cup Champion St Louis Blues on Sept 16th. 

After another big summer the Stars are coming into this season with perhaps the highest expectations in the last 10+ years. 

Even after they finished top of the Western Conference in the 2015/16 season entering the next season the NHL Network still thought of them as a Playoff team, but not a contender for the cup. This year however, every review I read, every video I watch has the Stars sitting in the top 5 and with a genuine chance at bringing home the cup. 

The Stars proved last year what they had learned from Hitchcock’s time in Dallas and were once again one of the best defensive teams in the league, Bishop & Khudobin proved even if the defense falls down they are also sitting at the top of the league, the team finished 2nd in the league in goals against, Bishop led the entire league with a .934 save percentage and Khudobin sat 8th.

Montgomery came in and had a great first year getting the Stars all the way to the 2nd round of the playoffs and it is fair to say his system is now in play, the players respect him and know his system and this will make for a much more consistent style of play this season and less mistakes. 

The only thing that stopped the Stars finishing higher in the league and ultimately stopped them advancing past the 2nd round was the lack of offensive production. 

The Stars top players produced, but not at the rate we have become accustom to, and to top it off the secondary scoring was not where it should be. With the hype and exception of what the Stars can do this year that must bring some true belief back into the Stars players, new depth scoring has been bought in, most notably Joe Pavelski. With that mix I can easily see why the Stars are finally getting some recognition and people believing just how good this team will be! 

So get ready, 2 weeks till preseason and one month till the real thing! Season ticket holders are all receiving their tickets and you can feel the excitement building up!

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