Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning | Game 4, feature

It’s not over yet!

The Dallas Stars fail to tie the series at 2-2 in an overtime loss. Once again we can focus on negatives and rule this team out at a chance to win the cup. Bad calls, bad power play, bad last & first minute of the period goals, bad penalty kill… there is a lot we can focus on and get upset about.

Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning | Game 4
Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning | Game 4

However, all that matters, we are not out yet. They have just won 2 more games than us, we just need to win the next one, then the next, then game 7. 

A much better performance in game 4 for the Stars, we came out and knocked the Lightning off their game, took a 2-1 lead and so many times in the game looked dominating and pinned them in their own zone. 

Yes we should have taken advantage on the power plays we had, yes we should have taken less penalties or managed to kill them off like we have for the rest of the season/play offs, but that was not the case. 

Win game 5 and keep this going.

I think we know when the NBC announcers actually feel bad for the Stars and didn’t like the way that ended that it was pretty bad, but it is in the past now, we may get a few calls go our way in game 6, we may not, if we don’t capitalize on those opportunities it will be for nothing anyway.  

The Stars made history by making the Stanley Cup Final after starting the season 1-7-1, now they will need to make history again by winning the final 3 games, that is just how we do it, we’ll have no nails left, we probably already have some sort of heart condition but we will be victorious! 

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Game Stats:
Score: 4-5 (OT) TBL
Shots: 30-35 TBL
Faceoff: 58% DAL 
Power Play: 0/3 DAL
Penalty Kill: 1/4 DAL
Hits: 49-57 TBL
Blocks: 19-18 DAL
Giveaways: 28-19 TBL
Takeaways: 10-11 TBL

Video Highlights:

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