How do the Stars look…?

With less than 80 days till the Start of the 2019-2020 season, we take a look at how the Dallas Stars are looking, some line predictions and more. 

So some big changes once again this off season, the biggest perhaps being Spezza, Nichushkin & Zuccarello are out. Pavelski, Perry & Sekera are in. 

How do the Stars look?

So what difference have just these changes made to the Stars lineup? Well Val failed to score a single goal last season, so Let’s swap Val for Corey, Perry came out of knee surgery last season, missed a bunch of games and was less productive than normal when he returned, but still managed to put the puck in the net and is expected to make a return to his higher point producing seasons. So the Stars have more depth immediately, now Let’s swap Spezza and Pavelski, Spezza had a good start to the year and some strong playoff games, but wasn’t as consistent as the Stars would have liked, Pavelski on the other hand is coming of a fantastic season and doesn’t look like he wants to slow down anytime soon. 

Pavelski would have sat only behind Tyler Seguin & Radulov on the Stars last season finishing with 64 points, so that is a huge jump in depth scoring for the Stars. At the rate Zuccarello was going since moving to the Stars Pavelski still looks to be more productive and will also bring more leadership to the dressing room. 

With Sekera coming in and the possibility of Johns returning to the lineup, the Stars will be looking to have one of the best defense groups in the league standing tall in front of the unstoppable Bishop & Khudobin. 

Keys for 2019-20

  • Line chemistry, Monte can mix the lines up, but we need consistency from the top lines, we have added depth, but the top lines need to be unstoppable and every team needs to fear them. 
  • Power play, Same thing, consistency lacked last year and we had some missed opportunities, key points in games we need to be able to rely on the power play. With the depth we should have 2 really strong units.
  • Stay strong on D, Such a positive from last year was how well the Stars could defend against anyone, we need to increase our scoring without taking risks on D. 
  • Bishop & Khudobin – Just keep up the good work…

So overall things are looking good, I am amazed to have watched not one but two clips from the NHL Network where they have said the Stars are a serious contender for the cup and that the Stars sit 7th overall in the league, this has not happened in a long time! So lots to be excited about that is for sure! 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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