Have faith Stars fans!

The Dallas Stars have struggled to get their game together so far in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and as a result we trail the Blues 2 games to 1. Game 4 is Wednesday back at the AAC and the Stars look to up their game and tie up the series once again. 

Have faith Stars Fans
Ben Bishop

How bad is it?

I am sure we all feel pretty demotivated and negative after the loss on home ice in game 3, unlike the round 1 game 3 loss the Stars did not play as we would have liked, however, we lost once again just by 1 goal. In areas such as the power play and face offs we outplayed St Louis, and the two games the Stars have not won this series have been just a 1-0 difference. One or two lucky bounces and the Stars could be up 3 games to 0. 

So it is not a bad situation to be in, we have not taken advantage of the first 3 games, but we were in the same position in round 1 and came back fighting in game 4 and had a huge win that we then followed up with 2 more and won the series. I still believe the Stars will take this series in 6.

We hear that St Louis have not bought their best game yet this series either, but we know the Stars haven’t, I am looking forward to seeing the top line produce along with the secondary scoring that has finally kicked in, this coupled with Klingberg and Miro topping up the scoring we have what it takes to get through this round. 

Don’t forget to be loud and support the Stars in game 4, we can do this!! GO STARS!

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