Dallas Stars 2020 Playoffs

GAME DAY | We Are Back!

Good morning all!

It’s game day, round 1 kicks off today as the Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames kick things off in Edmonton.

Also, the Dallas Stars Fan Site returns! We are sorry we have been very quiet since the season was put on hold, but we are back and will be giving you our thoughts on how the Stars perform during the playoffs!

It was a tough end to the season as we all know, along with a tough round robin, but there were some great moments in the game against Vegas and more good points to focus on in the Stars long overdue win against the Blues. So don’t go writing the Stars off just yet!

And that actually brings me on to my next point! We need to stick together, we all know how the media likes to blow something small up and turn it into ‘breaking news’ but that doesn’t mean we should do the same. 100% the Stars need to work out how to score again and start doing it consistently, but the rest of their game, for the most part is pretty spot on.

Going back to the end of the season the Stars took on Boston, Tampa Bay and St Louis, it was a tough stretch of games for sure, and the Stars came so close to taking down all of those teams who lets face it are all looking like potential cup winners this year. As it stood, they only won against Tampa and throw in a couple of shutout losses to Nashville and the Stars suddenly are on a losing streak and we all thing they are the worst team in the league… 

Top that off with an exhibition loss against Nashville, then no luck through the first 2 round robin games and all I read is how the Stars need to ‘get rid of Bowness’, ‘Bishop is awful, start Dobby’, ‘Ben is lazy’ etc… 

Yes we are frustrated, yes we want to score and win, but why if that doesn’t happen do we have to open fire so quickly and effectively turn our backs on our team. 

I am not saying this is any different in any other team or any other sport, but I would love to see more positivity and trust at least when it comes to our beloved Stars!

We have a fantastic group who are legitimate contenders, we have been struggling just like we did to start the season, but to me that just means it is time to turn things around again and go on a winning run, and there is no better time to do it. 

We need consistency in net, we need goal scoring, we need support! Let’s do our bit and trust we will get the rest and it will lead to results! 

Rant over, let’s go Stars extinguish those Flames!

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