Dallas Stars amongst Tavares’ options

Superstar Tavares is talking with the Dallas Stars

Tavares will become an unrestricted free agent come July 1st, has been talking with a few NHL teams, the Dallas Stars being one of them, Tavares’ interest in the Stars regardless of who he signs with is a great sign for the Stars, it shows they are a Stanley Cup contender and that big stars want to be a part of the franchise.

However, back to Tavares, there are mixed opinions on whether the Stars should sign him, there are lots of positives, he is an all-star player, and would add yet more scoring power to the Stars offense, he has also been around long enough to bring some great experience to the team. However, he will come at a price, so can the Dallas Stars afford him or would they need to lose another 1st/2nd line forward to be able to take him…?

Well, the Stars can afford him, they have some big names on their roster that they have at a bargain price, Ben Bishop & John Klingburg for example. They also have plenty on youngsters ready to step up that will help on the salary hit. Tavares is unquestionably a superstar, and playing with Benn, Seguin, Radulov & Klingburg gives the Stars a very strong top 2 lines, so we think overall if Tavares wants to come to Dallas then lets sign him up!

The Stars will have now presented to Tavares what they have to offer, and hockey players love coming to Dallas, so hopefully it is a no brainer and we can sit back and wait for the Stars to sit back atop the ‘goals per game’ column thanks to a new coach and Tavares.

What are your thoughts?? Should the Stars sign him & what do you think will happen if they do?

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