Bruins vs Blues – Starts tonight

The Stanley Cup Final kicks off tonight, who will you be cheering for?

After a short break the final round starts at 8pt CT tonight in Boston, the St Louis Blues took 7 games and some overtime to defeat the Stars, had a slow start to the next round against the Sharks but found their game again and made their way to the Stanley Cup Final. The Bruins were sitting waiting for them after defeating Carolina 4-0 in the Eastern Conference finals.  

Both the Bruins and Blues are being described as mirror images of each other and expects suggest this will be a very tight match up between the two clubs.

Obviously we would like to be cheering the Stars on at this point, but it was not meant to be this year, so leaves us with a tough decision to make… who to we back for the cup? 


The Bruins and the city of Boston have been without doubt spoilt for success in recent years, is this a reason to think they have had enough to celebrate or should we temporarily join the party?


As the team that ended the Stars run after a tough fought 2nd round can we even entertain the idea of the Blues taking the Cup, or is it out of the question?

As is always the way in the NHL, you cannot say neither team deserves to be here, favorable and unfavorable calls have been made for both teams and they have gotten past it and made sure to get the victories and that is why they are here. St Louis have been excellent since New Year and Binnington is either still riding a very big wave or is proving he is the real deal for the Blues. 

Stars or not I always want the West to lift the cup, even more a team in the central division. So with that being said I think I think I will be backing the Blues and at least we can say we lost to the team that went on to win it. Then next year, we destroy them and take the cup ourselves! 

Let me know your thoughts below! 

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